SCBA ZK6/30 Self-Contained Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)


DM SCBA ZK6/30 Positive Pressure Closed-Circuit Self-Contained Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) comprising full facemask assembly, 2-stage pressure reducer system with a robust 1-stage reducer assembly attached to the cylinder connector & a flexible 2nd stage swivel demand valve featuring soft 1st breath mechanism & quick connector, ergonomic composite backplate complete with bypass valve, relief valve, pointer type pressure gauge, CCS Certified 6 Liter 30MPa (300 Bar) Steel Air Cylinder that provides 60 minutes-duration at 300bar/4500psi. Cylinder can be hydrotested repeatedly every 5 years within its indefinite service life, limited only by damages, corrosion & other poor maintenance practices. Unit also comes with extra O-rings tool kits and a hard carrying case. Full-face mask offers wide panoramic vision with distortion free clarity and ergonomic design that provides exceptional all day comfort. One size fits all. Our SCBA is designed to provide the highest level of respiratory protection workers in hazardous or oxygen-deficient environments, and is certified for firefighting in accordance with GA 124-2004 standard. Weight: ≤15.8kgs, Dimension (mm): 710 x 290 x 430 

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