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BAUER GROUP BAOYA SDP1100 SCBA Positive Pressure Closed Circuit Air Breathing Apparatus, comprising ergonomic composite back plate, 2-stage pressure reducer system with soft 1st breath mechanism, swivel demand valve and bypass valve, full vision facemask assembly and 6.8L Luxfer Fully- Wrapped Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinder and comes with an ultra-strong hard carrying case. Unit provides 35 minuteduration at 200 bar/3000 psi or (50 mins. at 300 bar/4500 psi.). Ergonomically designed composite back plate that is ultralight at 0.685kg but strong and highly flexible (can be bent 90? without breaking), pressure reducer assembly can provide to a maximum air feed of 1000L per minute (normal breathing 30L per minute) complete with relief valve, PG-S pressure gauge (with luminous dial) & Alarm (@ 90 dB), Full- vision contoured silicon facemask with unique dual antifog protection. Positive pressure inside the breathing zone is always maintained thus preventing the entry of toxic vapors and gases. Our SCBA is designed to provide the highest level of respiratory protection to workers in hazardous or oxygen-deficient environments. This product is also certified for firefighting in accordance to GA 124-2004 standard. BAUER BAOYA Carbon F

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