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ELVEX ARC FLASH PRO SUIT KIT MODEL FP-AG43/43. Elvex’s Flash-Pro™ kit contains Arc Flash Jacket, Bib Overalls, Hood with ARC Shield, Hard Hat, Class 2 Rated Gloves with Leather Protectors, Gear Bag. FEATURES: Flash-Pro™ HD-FS-ARC40-18 ARC Hood system, 43 cal/cm ², of Westex Ultra soft 9 oz. over 13 oz., system includes Elvex proprietary design molded ARC shield of Polycarbonate. The shield’s Anti-Fog coating prevents fogging and insures visibility The ARC shield is rated for Visible Light Transmission of 43 to 55%, High mass Impact protection, and UV protection of 99.999% / 200-380 nm, per Hood system components include: Elvex Tectra™ Hard Hat and shield mounting accessories. Flash-Pro™ SWJ-C4-(size) jacket, 43 cal, is 35″ long with zipper and Velcro front closure, jacket made of Westex Ultra soft 7oz over 5.5. oz. over7 oz. Flash-Pro™ SW -C4-(size) bib overall, 43 cal, made of Westex Ultra soft 7oz over 5.5. oz. over 7 oz. Flash-Pro™ Glove Gear Kit (includes rubber insulating glove, leather protector glove, and bag), Class 2 rated 17,000 volts. Elvex # 909-ARC gear bag Lightweight fabric Westex Ultra soft Fabric Color: Navy Blue Sizes S-L Standards, ASTM F2178- 08ATPV arc rating for Hood System/ARC Shield to ASTM F2178-08 Test Standard for Face Protective Products, certified Westex Ultra soft Fabrics ATPV arc rating certified to ASTM  F1959/F1959M-06 Standard Test Method for Determining The Arc Rating Of Materials for Clothing at Kinectrics Light Transmission, UV and High Mass Impact ratings by ICS Laboratory to ANSI Z87.1-2010 std. ASTM D120-02, Standard Specification for Rubber Insulating Gloves and ASTM F496-02 Standard Specification for In-Service Care of Insulating Gloves. ASTM F696-02, Standard Specification for leather Protectors and Insulating Gloves. NFPA70E HAZARD RISK 3 AND 4

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